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Opening of the girls hostel in September 2019

Secondary School
St. Mugagga, Kkindu

The St. Mugagga School is a secondary school in catholic ownership. As a so-called "government aided school", it is also included in the government subsidy programme, which means that the teachers' salaries are partly financed by the state. At St. Mugagga School, young people from the 8th - 13th grade are taught. However, the majority of the pupils leave the school already after the end of secondary school after grade 11 with the secondary school leaving certificate. In 2019, 602 young people attended the school, which has grown continuously in recent years. The plan is to stop the growth of the school at a maximum of 700 pupils and then to work on improving quality rather than quantity.


Project 2018/2019: Construction of a girls´ hostel
At St. Mugagga School a new boarding school for girls was built with the support of ADEPT e.V. Since September 2019, the girls have been living in a spacious boarding school that is flooded with light and well ventilated. By dividing the rooms into groups of 10 - 16 persons, the students also enjoy some privacy. Attached to the boarding school is a large courtyard with sanitary facilities, which is surrounded by a wall so that the girls cannot be molested by strangers. The lighting of the hostel and the courtyard is ensured by solar panels.

Project 2018/2019: Two teacher training courses on teaching methodology
In spring 2018 and spring 2019 a method workshop was held twice by ADEPT staff member Winfried Rindle, retired headmaster of the school, in cooperation with the Senior Expert Service Bonn. The workshop served to introduce and improve student-centred teaching methods.

School partnership

The St. Mugagga School Kkindu is partner of the Limes School Idstein


Head of school at St. Mugagga SS Kkindu
The school is located in a remote area.
Welcome to St. Mugagga SS Kkindu
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Head of school visits Limesschule Idstein/Germany
Head of school at Limesschule Idstein
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