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Students selling their products, Mbuye Agricultural College (2022)

Introduction of the STEP entrepreneurship training at the schools in the ADEPT program

STEP is an entrepreneurship training with the aim of strengthening the entrepreneurial skills of young people. The training is successively introduced by ADEPT e.V. at the schools in the ADEPT support program.
July 2022: A complete success - the STEP program is met with enthusiasm by the trainees! What STEP can move is expressed in the participants' comments: "STEP ignites! Before it was like a vehicle without fuel, but STEP ignites" and "STEP opens up people's minds" or even "People had skills, but didn't know what to do with them". And important lessons were learned: "It is very important to be friendly to customers, to ensure good quality of products, and to do some advertising for the company in order to outperform the competitors in the same business. This was a good lesson for us." The young people established microenterprises in the following areas:

  • Production and sale of knitted ponchos
  • Opening of a school canteen
  • Production and sale of exercise books
  • Cultivation and sale of tomatoes
  • Making and selling spiced rice, cassava chips, rice balls and chapatis

Best of all, all the trainees were making a profit with their startups!
Now that the first implementations have been so successful in 2022, all students want to have this program. As a result, more STEP courses will be offered at both the vocational school in Butende and the agricultural college in Mbuye this year. In 2023, ADEPT will then begin implementation at St. Anthony and St. Bruno schools, with additional implementations at secondary schools planned for subsequent years.

2020 - 2024: Implementation of STEP at Butende Technical Institute.
2022 - 2024: Implementation of STEP at St. Matthias Agricultural College Mbuye
2022: Workshop for the implementation of the program at secondary schools
2023 - 2025: Implementation of STEP at St. Anthony School Kyazanga and St. Bruno School Ssaza
Plan 2024 - 2026: Implementation of STEP at St. Joseph School Butenga and St. Mugagga School Kkindu

The Student Training for Entrepreneurial Promotion (STEP) is a project of the Leuphana University of Lüneburg which was developed in cooperation with the Makarere Univesity Business School in Kampala. STEP is an entrepreneurship training with the aim to strengthen the entrepreneurial skills of young people.

The ponchos made by a startup group sold like hot cakes, Butende Technical (2022).
Another group made and sold booklets as part of the STEP project, Butende Vocational School (2022).
STEP Project Group: Production of Cassava Chips, Mbuye College (2022)
STEP project group: trainees sell their products to fellow students
STEP project group: Growing tomatoes. The tomatoes were later also sold to the school canteen.
Group work at the first module "Identifying Business Opportunities"" at the vocational school in Butende, March 2022.
Gruppenarbeit beim dem Unterricht in kaufmännischen Basiswissen, Berufsschule in Butende, März 2022
Successful completion of Train-The-Trainers, Mbuye College, January 2022.
Einführung des STEP Entrepreneurship-Trainings am Mbuye College, Train-The-Trainers, Januar 2022
Successful completion of Train-The-Trainers at Butende Vocational School, 2020