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St. Joseph Secondary School Butenga

Secondary School
St. Joseph, Butenga

The St. Joseph School Butenga is a co-educational school in church sponsorship. Since 2019 it has been a "government aided school" in the state support programme, which means that the Catholic Church is still the responsible body, but the teachers' salaries are partly financed by the state. The school is located in a rural region northwest of Masaka. Students from grades 8 - 13 are taught, but the majority of the students leave school after secondary school or after grade 11. The school is an important educational centre in the region of Butenga.

Current and completed projects

Project 2017: Improvement of the water supply
Ongoing since 2018: Sponsorship programme
Project 2018: Purchase of sewing machines for tailoring lessons
Project 2019: Advanced training in methodology (Senior Exüpert Service)
Project in planning for 2020
: Purchase of a multifunction printer
Project in planning for 2021/22: Construction of a boys' boarding school


The projects were supported by the following foundations: Senior Experts Service Bonn (advanced training); One-Tenths Foundation Stuttgart; and others


The school receives four new water tanks (2017)
ADEPT team members discussing with students