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St. Francis Primary School in Buyamba, Rakai District

St. Francis Primary School
in Buyamba

ADEPT e.V. and the Patrizia Foundation Augsburg are working closely together to expand and support the St. Francis Primary School.
St. Francis Primary School Buyamba is located in Rakai District. In Uganda, primary school comprises grades 1 - 7 and is completed with a national examination after grade 7. St. Francis School is run by the Catholic Church, but teachers' salaries are funded by the government, as the school is in the government support programme. In 2020, 890 pupils attended the school, 90 of whom lived in boarding. The school has a good ranking compared to schools in the district.


Ongoing measures
2021: Urgent maintenance measures, further improvement of water supply, open-air classrooms to temporarily improve the teaching situation during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Measures completed
2021: Covid-19 prevention, improvement of water supply, fencing

The school receives four new water tanks of 10,000 litres each (May 2021)
The renovation work is progressing (Dec. 2021)
The classrooms become bright and friendly (Dec. 2021)
The buildings look much better from the outside (Dec. 2021)