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The new administration building with spacious staff room and room for school social work (June 2022)

Extension of the
St. Anthony School Kyazanga

The St. Anthony School is comprehensively supported by ADEPT e.V. in close cooperation with those responsible at the school. The aim is to improve the young people's career prospects in the long term. To this end, the school is to be expanded over the next few years into a modern educational center with an agricultural focus. The funding includes the expansion of the school infrastructure, support for needy young people, improvement of teaching methods and vocational training, digitalization and skills training in entrepreneurship. The expansion of the school is significantly supported by help alliance gGmbH and the Beurer Foundation.


Ongoing measures
2022 - 2023: Construction + equipping of two ICT classrooms / Construction + equipping of a library
2023: Two-week teacher training by the Senior Expert Service on the topic of "Sustainable Learning"
2023: Purchase of a water tank
2023 - 2025: Introduction of STEP Entrepreneurship training

Completed measures 2017 - 2022
2022: Construction of an administration center including space for school social work
2020: Construction of a training workshop for agriculture and equipping the workshop with modern agricultural machinery
2020: Construction of a science wing and equipping the classrooms with equipping the classrooms with science teaching materials
2020: Two-week in-service teacher training by the Senior Expert Service on the topic of "Student-centered teaching methods"
2019: Start of the ADEPT sponsorship programme
2017: Securing and expansion of the water supply system


Welcome of the ADEPT team with traditional dance (2022)
Teacher training on the topic of "Sustainable Learning" (SES / 2023)
The new administration block at St. Anthony School (2022)
For the ADEPT Business Game, the school administration makes the spacious teachers' room in the administration wing available (2022)
The newly built scientific wing, 2020
Classes are much more fun in the new classrooms (2022)
The newly built training workshop for agriculture, May 2020
Sponsorship program: every student in the program is personally interviewed by ADEPT once a year (since 2019)
Modern agricultural machinery for the Department of Agriculture at St Anthony School (September 2020)
Outdoor instruction loosens up: Teacher training by the senior expert service (2020)
The new water supply at the school (2017)