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Student in the sponsorship programme


Sponsorship programme

 ADEPT e.V. supports needy students at the St. Joseph School Butenga, St. Anthony School Kyazanga and St. Bruno SS Ssaza, Uganda. The mostly large families in this region are poor, the parents work almost exclusively in agriculture. What they earn is often just enough to ensure their daily survival and to sell a few tomatoes, potatoes or matooke on the market or on the street; however, it is often hardly enough to finance school fees, school materials and school uniforms. Therefore ADEPT e.V. supports students at these schools.

 The sponsorship programme supports students from the second grade of lower secondary school, which corresponds to grade 9 in the German school system. Funding is granted for three years until the end of lower secondary school. The selection criteria for a scholarship are neediness, willingness to perform and social behaviour. Ten new students per year will be accepted into the programme if sufficient sponsors have been found who are willing to support the young people financially for three years.

The annual cost of the support is 200 euros per students. The scholarship includes the school fees, three school uniforms for the three school years and lunch at the school. All pupils in the sponsorship programme receive a boarding school place because this is best for the training under the given circumstances.  Once a year the godmother receives a photo of the students, a report on his/her development, three certificates per year and a handwritten letter from the student. During the annual school visit, the ADEPT staff members meet the individual scholarship holders in person.