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St. Mathias Mbuye College

St. Mathias Mbuye Agricultural College

The St. Mathias Mbuye Agricultural Training Centre was promoted from "Mbuye Farm School" into a college in May 2017. The College has become part of the Uganda Martyrs University. The institute holds the following diplomas: Diploma in animal production and farm management (2 years) - Diploma in crop production and farm management (2 years) - Diploma in ecological organic agriculture (2 years) and the following national certificates: National certificate in agriculture (2 years) - Certificate in poultry production (1 year) - and others more.

400 young people attend the institute; 50 percent are young men and 50 percent young women. The school has 103 acres of land as direct school grounds and a further 690 acres in Mayanja, which are used for livestock breeding and forestry projects.

The agricultural students also work together with the local population in outreach programmes and thus pass on their know-how to the rural population.

Main hall and classroom block
Lecture halls
Veterinary students
Students at work
Brick laying
Main gate