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St. Joseph School Butenga
Pilot project "Child Friendly School" 2022

The child in focus

Although Uganda has ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and has enshrined children's rights in its constitution, children and young people suffer injustice every day. In school lessons, a teacher-centred frontal teaching style is usually practised and pupils are still chastised, although this is officially forbidden. With the project "Child-friendly school", the St. Joseph School would like to bring about a change in perspective and place the child at the centre of attention. In recent years, the school has already worked on the changeover from teacher-centred to modern pupil-centred teaching methods. The aim is now to deepen the pedagogical changeover. To this end, workshops on the topics of "child health", "children's rights" and a further workshop on "pupil-centred teaching" will be held in 2022. For the next few years, it is planned to deepen the pedagogical focus on the child both through the partial repetition of workshops and through further measures. In addition to the resumption of central topics such as "child health" and the intensification of the workshop "pupil-centred teaching methods", workshops on the topics "healthy nutrition" and "good school management" are also to be held in 2023 and 2024.

In 2022 the module "Child-friendly school" will be carried out as a pilot project with the aim of transferring it to other schools in the region at a later date. The St. Joseph School is particularly well suited as a pilot school, as the teaching staff are interested in a change of perspective and have already demonstrated this. Because of its location and catchment area, the school plays an important role in the region and can act as a pioneer. Moreover, St. Joseph School is a semi-public school; a pilot project at this school will be closely monitored and its impact analysed by the school owner - the Schulwerk of the Masaka Diocese School Association - and by the relevant state authorities.