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The new tailor's training workshop with the sewing machines, status December 2021

Expansion of the St. Mugagga School
in Kkindu, Masaka Central

The St. Mugagga School is a secondary school in Catholic ownership. It is a so-called "Government Aided School" in the state support program, which means that the teachers' salaries are largely financed by the state. At St. Mugagga School, young people from the 8th - 13th grade are taught. However, the majority of students leave school with the secondary school leaving certificate after grade 11 at the end of the lower secondary school. In 2019, 602 young people attended the school, which has grown continuously in recent years. The plan is to stop the growth of the school at a maximum number of 700 pupils and then to work on improving quality rather than quantity.

School partnership: The St. Mugagga School Kkindu is a partner of the Limesschule Idstein

Ongoing projects

2021: Construction and equipment of a tailoring training workshop

Projects completed

2019: Construction of a hostel for girls
2019: Follow-up / teacher training in cooperation with the Senior Expert Workshop
2018: Teacher training in cooperation with the Senior Expert Service

Further projects in the coming years

Further expansion of the infrastructure
Further measures to promote capacity: business games; introduction of the entrepreneurship training STEP; so-called "awareness workshops" to improve the educational situation, etc.

The projects were supported by the Limesschule Idstein and the following foundations: Senior Experten Service Bonn (advanced training), Schmitz Foundations (BMZ means), Beurer Stiftung


On the way to St. Mugagga SS Kkindu
Here you can find St. Mugagga School Kkindu
The headmistress of St. Mugagga SS Kkindu
In December 2021, the new tailor training workshop was completed ...
... and equipped with a total of 50 sewing machines for lessons
From the school you have a wonderful view of the landscape
The new girls´ hostel, 2019
Opening of the new girls´ hostel, 2019
The courtyard of the boarding school is surrounded by a protective wall