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The St. Joseph School in Bukomansimbi District

Expansion of the St. Joseph School
in Butenga, Bukomansimbi Distrikt

The St. Joseph School Butenga is one of 16 secondary schools in the district of Bukomansimbi and of great importance for the region, as there is no comparable school in the vicinity. For this reason, the school is to be developed into an educational centre for 700 students in the coming years, where young people from the region will receive a modern education. In addition to the expansion of the infrastructure, the overall concept includes teacher training measures, the expansion of the vocational training branch, the connection of the pupils to the age of information and digitalisation, the introduction of business games, a university-based competence training in entrepreneurship and further training courses.  

Ongoing projects
Own initiative of the school and the parents: Construction of an ICT classroom

Project in planning for 2021
Construction of a boys' hostel

Projects completed

2020: Purchase of a multipurpose printer
2020: Follow-up of teacher training by the Senior Expert Service
2019: Teacher training by the Senior Expert Service
2018: Equipping the school with sewing machines
2017: Securing and improving the water supply


Further measures in the coming years
Introduction of entrepreneurship training; further expansion of the infrastructure; continuation of teacher training; further workshops to promote education; expansion of the professional branch at the school; promotion of digitisation

Die neuen Tanks sind geliefert worden - Ausbau der Wasserversorgung 2017
So sind die Tanks vor Sonneneinstrahlung und Wasserdiebstahl geschützt.
Start des Patenschaftsprogramms in 2018
2020: Der neue Multifunktionsdrucker erleichert den Lehrern die Arbeit