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Mitarbeiter des Schulwerks in Kitovu/Masaka

The school system
of the Diocese Masaka

ADEPT e.V. cooperates with the department of education of the Diocese Masaka in Uganda. 

Due to the development of education the Catholic church represents one of the central education institutions in Uganda. The first schools were founded by missionaries and up to the declaration of independence in 1962 there were just religious schools. It was only after having gained independence that the Ugandan State started to set up an own department of education. In 1997 the government initiated the program „Universal Primary Education“ (UPE) that allows primary school children free access to school education. Following the success of this program the government started to support some secondary schools with public funding known as „Universal Secondary Education“ (USE). Still today many schools are run by the Catholic Church showing that there is close cooperation between state and church regarding education. The department of education guarantees the implementation of governmental policies, recommends schools for state subsidies and proposes appropriate candidates for filling the posts of the headmaster, the teachers or the administrative staff to the Ministry of Education and Sports. 

The Diocese Masaka is located in southern Uganda and includes nine political districts. Within this region the department of education of the diocese supervises around 650 schools including preschools, primary schools, secondary schools, vocational schools and one department at university. Not only Catholic but also students of other faiths are taught there. 

The department of education is part of the administrative organization of the diocese Masaka. Who belongs to the staff of the department of education? The head of the school authority being responsible for all schools in the Diocese; eight school inspectors responsible for the supervision, consulting and the quality management of the schools; a controller being in charge of the finances and the accounting and issues related to that; a construction engineer who oversees building projects and is in charge of the final acceptance of new buildings. 

The department of education sees it as one of its ask to develop education partnerships with different organizations, as for example with public authorities, investors and other stakeholders.

Verwaltungsgebäude des Schulwerks in Kitovu/Masaka
Mitarbeiter des Schulwerks, in der Mitte der Leiter Fr. Fisher
Acht Distrikte gehören zur Diözese Masaka
Denis Kalyango, Schulinspektor und zuständig für die Kooperation mit ADEPT e.V.
An den Schulen der Diözese werden Schüler und Schülerinnen unterschiedlicher Konfessionen unterrichtet