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A large poster at the entrance gate to St. Joseph School lists children's rights

"Child Friendly School"

Focus on the child

Following the successful implementation of the "Child-Friendly School" pilot project at St. Joseph School Butenga in 2022, other schools in the Masaka region are already showing interest. In 2023, the project will therefore be implemented at two schools, and four implementations are planned for 2024. The pilot project included three units: child health, child rights and student-centered teaching methods. Alternatively, a "Parental Responsibility" workshop will also be offered in a third location beginning in 2023.

The workshops in 2022 resulted in increased awareness among the school community of St. Joseph School in the areas of children's rights, health and teaching methodology; in addition, social vigilance on the topic of children's rights was strengthened. St. Joseph School Butenga now defines itself as a school where children's rights are upheld. As a result, enrollment is skyrocketing. A large poster at the entrance gate lists the children's rights and refers to their importance at this school.

At St. Joseph School, attention is paid to the observance of children's rights
A full program expected the students at the workshop "Child Health" and "Fire Safety".
The topic of health in Uganda includes malaria prevention
Careful hand washing is essential to prevent disease
Fire drills are rare but important in Ugandan schools
"Hands on" was the motto of the workshop for the students
Awareness of children's rights was raised through the workshops
The students discussed their rights with a lot of commitment
In the workshop on student-centered teaching methods, teachers practice group work
Teachers and teachers thanked for the insightful workshop