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New machines and further training in the carpentry sector

Butende Technical Institute

In Butende, a village northwest of Masaka, lies the St. Charles Lwanga Institute, a vocational school that offers numerous training courses. The courses offered include wood technology, plumbing, construction, electrical, motor mechanics, fashion and design, accounting, business administration, secretarial and office management. These two-year courses lead to the official Uganda National Examination Board qualification. Shorter courses in carpentry, solar technology, automotive repair, plumbing, tailoring, electrical installation, masonry, welding and computer studies are also available.


Measures in preparation
2022/2023: Construction of a hostel for approximately 200 trainees; workshop on the topic of "personal responsibility and society".

Ongoing measures
2020 - 2024: Introduction of the programme "Student Training for Entrepreneurial Promotion" (STEP) to promote entrepreneurial skills among the trainees. Implementation takes place in close cooperation with the STEP team at Leuphana University Lüneburg.

Completed measures
2019: Further training "Maintenance, repair and use of new machines" at the carpentry training workshop.
           Equipping the workshop with machines.
2018: Further training "Maintenance, repair and work techniques" at the plumber's training workshop.
           Further training "Maintenance, repair and use of new equipment" at the carpentry workshop.
           Equipping the plumber and carpenter training workshops with equipment and machines
2017: Equipment with machines for the carpentry workshop


Advanced training in plumbing by a specialist from the Senior Expert Service (2018)
Further training in carpentry by a specialist from the Senior Expert Service (2018)
Equipment of the plumber unit with tools (2018)
Advanced training in carpentry by a specialist from the Senior Expert Service (2019)
Start of the Entrepreneurship Training STEP by a Train-The-Trainers (2020)
Successful graduates at the Train-The Trainers / Entrepreneurship Training STEP (2020)