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December 2021: Two two-storey classroom blocks replace the former dilapidated ground-level classrooms

Expansion of the
St. Bruno School Ssaza

St. Bruno Secondary School is located in Ssaza, a suburban area of Masaka. It is a kind of hotspot school in terms of the particular poverty of the parents. Ssaza is a so-called "trading centre": tiny stalls selling tomatoes or a few pots are lined up along dusty unpaved roads. ADEPT also wants to give the disadvantaged youth in this region access to good quality and up-to-date education. That is why St. Bruno School has been in the ADEPT support programme since 2017 and is being expanded into a modern school with an ICT profile in close cooperation with the AEB Foundation Stuttgart. By building additional classrooms, the class size can be reduced from 80 to 40 pupils in the long term.


Partner of St. Bruno School: The AEB Foundation Stuttgart has been a partner of St. Bruno School since 2019 and supports the expansion and promotion of the school.

Ongoing measures
2022: Construction of a third two-storey school building. This building will serve as a science laboratory for teaching biology, chemistry, physics and agriculture and will contain classrooms, preparation rooms and storage rooms.
2021: Renovation and partial new construction of the sanitary facilities

Completed measures 2017 - 2020
2021: Equipping the two ICT classrooms for 20 students each with computers.
2021: Construction of another two-storey classroom block with two classrooms and two ICT classrooms.
2021: Start of the ADEPT/ AEB sponsorship programme: sponsorship of ten young people in each of grades 9, 10, 11
2020: Construction of the first two-storey classroom block with a total of four classrooms
2020: Purchase of a water filter and a multifunction printer
2018: Two-week follow-up of teacher training by the Senior Expert Service
2018: Purchase of textbooks
2017: Four-week teacher training by the Senior Expert Service

Further measures in the coming years

Training in entrepreneurship; construction of science rooms, professionalisation of the IT sector in cooperation with the AEB Foundation Stuttgart; further expansion of the infrastructure; further workshops to promote education.

December 2021: The two new, two-storey classroom blocks are completed. To the right, one of the old school buildings can still be seen.
26th of November 2020: Ceremonial inauguration of the firdt new building by the Bishop of Masaka Diocese and the Education Secretary
The AEB-Stiftung is partner to the St. Bruno School in Ssaza
2021: Renovation of the sanitary facilities for boys and new construction of the girls' toilets
Purchase of a water filter for the St. Bruno School Ssaza, June 2020
Purchase of a multipurpose printer, September 2020
The headmistress of the St. Bruno secondary school
Lessons in Corona times (October 2020)