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Students at the St. Bruno Secondary School Ssaza

Expansion of the
St. Bruno School Ssaza to a school
with an focus on ICT

The St. Bruno School is to be developed into a school with a focus on ICT in the coming years. A further goal is to reduce the class size to a maximum of 40 pupils. Ssaza is located on the outskirts of Masaka and is a so-called "trading center": Smallest stalls with tomatoes or a few pots are lined up along dusty unpaved roads. ADEPT wants to give the young people of this area access to good quality and up-to-date education.


Project 2020: Basic renovation and construction of two new classrooms
Basic renovation of an existing classroom block with two classrooms and installation of two new classrooms.

Project 2021: Basic renovation and construction plus equipment of two IT classrooms
Complete renovation of a second classroom block and installation of two new rooms for IT lessons. Equipping the IT classrooms with computers.

St. Bruno SS Ssaza
Students discussing with an SES expert