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Construction of a science laboratory, January 2020

Extension of the
St. Anthony School Kyazanga to an educational center with an agricultural focus

The St. Anthony School Kyazanga is comprehensively supported by ADEPT e.V. in close cooperation with the responsible persons of the school, which improves the professional perspectives of the young people in the long run. The support comprises a package of measures. The aim is to develop the school over the next few years into an educational centre with an agricultural focus.

Completed in 2017: Ensure water supply

Project 2019/2020: Construction of a science laboratory

As part of the expansion of the school into an educational centre with an agricultural profile, a science laboratory is currently being built for teaching physics, chemistry, biology and agriculture. The project is supported by the help alliance/Lufthansa Group Frankfurt, the Beurer Foundation Ulm, the Welfare and Education Foundation Krefeld, various companies and private donors.

Project 2019/2020: Construction of a training workshop for agriculture

A training workshop for agriculture is also currently being built. The school will receive modern agricultural machinery in early 2020. The training workshop will be used for safe storage of the equipment, but above all, the students will also learn how to maintain, care for and repair the equipment there. The project is supported by the Erbacher Foundation, the Beurer Foundation Ulm, Güttler GmbH in Kirchheim unter Teck and by a private birthday donation.

Project 2020: Construction of an administration centre

Demolition of the old administration building, which is in danger of collapsing. Construction of a modern administration centre with offices for the school management team, meeting room, administration and teachers' room.

Project 2021: Construction plus equipment of two IT classrooms / construction plus equipment of a school library

The measure comprises central and forward-looking elements for the development of the St. Anthony School: The construction and equipping of IT rooms, including a school library, is aimed at connecting the school to the age of information and digitalisation.

Foundation for the science laboratory at St. Anthony SS
Collection of rain water
January 2020
Start: Workshop for agriculture
Workshop for agriculture, January 2020