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Students at St. Joseph School discuss their investments

ADEPT Business Game
Senior 2 - Investing through play

ADEPT CoRe project / 2024 - 2026
CoRe = Competent & Responsible

In order to prepare students in Uganda as well as possible for life, it makes sense to teach them life skills. For this reason, lessons at secondary schools in the ADEPT programme are supplemented by three modules. The aim is for a student to have the basic skills to lead a responsible life and become an entrepreneur by the end of o-level secondary school.

MODULE 2 - ADEPT Business Game
One of these modules is the ADEPT Business Game, which will be permanently integrated into Senior 2 at all four secondary schools in the support programme from 2024. The young people in the target group generally have no money of their own and no experience in planning and reflecting on investments in a meaningful way. In the "ADEPT Business Game", students learn in a playful way what to consider when handling money and making investments and how to use their money as wisely as possible. This will help students to manage the money available to them better later in life.

The game was developed by Roman Dengler, an employee of the German Savings Banks and Giro Association, on a voluntary basis for ADEPT's work in schools in Uganda; he was supported by the ADEPT team in North and South with specific country knowledge and photographic material. The game corresponds in a special way to the reality of life in Uganda, which particularly inspired the students and teachers during the pilot phase.

During the various pilots of the game, both teachers and students expressed their enthusiasm. While the teachers realised that they would have made fewer mistakes in their lives if they had known about this game earlier, the students used the opportunity to learn for their future: "The game has changed our minds. In the future, we will invest more in needs than in wants" - "We have learnt to be creative and how to prepare for the future" - "We have learnt how to prepare for risks" - "We have learnt to spend our money wisely by spending money on more important things" - "In life there are hard times and good times. Therefore we need to embrace and handle them effectively."

Our thanks go to the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), the AEB Foundation, the Beurer Foundation and the Georg Kraus Foundation, which are providing financial support for the CoRe project in 2024 - 2026.


"The game sharpens our brain" said one enthusiastic student at St. Anthony School