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Successful piloting of the
ADEPT Business Game

The ADEPT Business Game introduces young people to a controlled and thoughtful approach to money in a playful way. It was developed by Roman Dengler for ADEPT e.V. After the successful piloting of the game in June 2022, a Train-The-Trainers on the ADEPT Business Game will take place in Uganda in June 2023. Subsequently, the game will be implemented at the four secondary schools in the ADEPT support program. Further scaling is conceivable.
When piloted in the summer of 2022, the students, pupils and teachers were simply delighted. It was new for them to be able to invest in a playful way, to calculate accurately, and even to try out taking out a loan. 13-year-old Breah said: "This game was fantastic because I have learned how to save money in buying cheap important things in life.


"The game sharpens our brain" said one enthusiastic student at St. Anthony School