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Welcome to

Africa's Development – Education, Partners and Trainers

Our vision

  • Africa
    Africa’s young population is growing fast. One of the major challenges of the 21st century is to offer these young people a real prospect in life. 

  • Development
    We intend to support our African partners on-site guiding the young generation to economic success. In this regard good education and the creation of training positions and jobs is of vital importance. 

  • Education
    Good education is the basis for the development of a country. ADEPT e.V. supports school education in Africa with infrastructure projects as well as qualification and training offers.

  • Partners
    Initiatives for Africa can only be developed in cooperation with the African partners. Partners in Africa and ADEPT e.V. work together on project ideas in order to improve the education and training situation in the respective countries.

  • Trainers
    Focussing solely on academic education is not sufficient for the creation of new jobs. ADEPT e.V. cooperates with companies in Germany to improve the vocational and craft training in the African countries by infrastructure measures and knowledge sharing. 

ADEPT e.V. is a non-profit organization with the objective of empowering young African people to earn their own independent living by exercising a qualified profession. Educational institutions in Africa are supported and promoted both by raising funds as well as material resources and by providing education and training. African educational institutions are networked with partners in Germany so that not only are educational institutions fostered but intercultural exchange also takes place, thus making an important contribution to international understanding.

The first African country in which ADEPT e.V. is involved is Uganda. Reasons for choosing this country are the extremely young population in Uganda, where 48% of the inhabitants are under 15 years old. In addition, unemployment is very high, new jobs urgently need to be created and in the long run a middle class has to be created. The country is development-oriented and stable. It is also of great importance that ADEPT e.V. has found a proven and reliable cooperation partner in the school board of the diocese of Masaka.